What the snow means


You forget how much the weather is a part of our lives. I took a walk in a beautiful snow covered Prospect Park this morning and was inspired. And it has been snowing all day, that wet, large-flake kind that has something magic about it. It is impossible for me not to smile in this snow. Even though I grew up with it, it has been years since it was a part of any climate I have made a home in. I wonder how each season affects our moods and outlooks, and how climate affects our sense of the possible in our lives. I know winter can be a sad time for many people (and I’ll admit the bitter cold windy days are less fun), but there is something wonderous and beautiful about the snow.

The Science of B.O.


This might seem a little gross to you all, but I think it is interesting. I have noticed recently that my body odor is different here in the US than it was during my travels. It is especially noticeable here in LA. Contrary to what you might suppose, underarm odor is much stronger and bad smelling here than it ever was in India. I am trying to determine the cause, I think it could be any of the following:

– Meat? I eat a LOT more meat here than I ever did on my travels. This is especially true of beef. Aside from the bad karma, perhaps whatever is in the beef is seeping out of me.

– Coffee? I never really drank coffee in India, only chai (which is tea based).

– Climate? You may remember that I complained on many occasions about how hot and humid it was, I was always sweating like a pig. Perhaps the constant sweating removed toxins and bacteria faster resulting in less smell.

– Internal water level? Also because of the climate, I was constantly drinking water, tons of it. I drink way less here. Perhaps it concentrates my sweat.

– Capitalist stress? I am joking a little here, but perhaps the environment and my mental / emotional response to it is changing my body chemistry in a way that comes out smelling bad.