Costa del Sol


Josh and I went down to Cadiz for a little walk around yesterday, then headed over to Torremolinos and Malaga to visit my friend Silvia, who I haven’t seen since we traveled together briefly in India 3 years ago. Cadiz (and many of the cities in this region really) is a fascinating overlay of thousands of years of history, starting with early settlement by the Phoenicians and stretching through Roman, Visigoth, Moorish and Spanish Catholic rule. In many places this history is in evidence, and in others it is quite hidden or has only recently been uncovered. We visited an archeological museum in Cadiz that has some pretty extensive documentation on one site, where you can walk around on a glass floor and view the excavations beneath you. After Cadiz, we came here to Torremolinos (where my friend Silvia lives) and she took us out last night around Malaga (which is very close by) and showed us many sites in the city. Malaga was really a surprise for us, because I only associate this part of Spain with sun tourism, and the city has an impressive historic core that has been undergoing intense restoration and renovation over the past few years. I unfortunately did not have my camera with me last night, but we may pass through again today and try to take a few shots. After that we came back to our hotel in Torremolinos and went out for a drink. Where we are staying is surprisingly heavy with gay tourism, and there are tons of tacky gay and lesbian bars in the area. In fact, there are a ton of them all crowded together in one spot, in a way I haven’t seen since my trip to a similar collection in Chiang Mai, Thailand (if you can believe that). It was surprising that with so much activity and so many bars that there was so little that was interesting in the sum of them, and we stayed only a short time before heading back to the hotel and sleep.