I will cut the cord very soon…


 Kaylene: Thank you for contacting TiVo! My name is Kaylene. How may I assist you today Stephen?
 Stephen: I was wondering if I can record shows by time and date only if I cancel my tivo subscription
 Kaylene: I do apologize but the TiVo box will not function without a paid subscription to the TiVo service so we cannot guarantee it will record by time and channel for you.
 Stephen: you can’t “guarantee” it?
 Stephen: I am not asking for a guarantee
 Stephen: I am asking if that functionality remains after canceling service
 Kaylene: No. The box will not function without service.
 Stephen: I know that many functions will no longer work, but clearly some will
 Stephen: I am trying to determine what those are
 Kaylene: The box will not function without service.
 Stephen: I know that live tv and pausing and 30 minute buffer will work
 Stephen: are you telling me that even those will not work?
 Kaylene: We do not support any functionality on the TiVo box without service. You are welcome to deactivate and see which functions are still available. However, since we do not support it we cannot guarantee any features or functions without service.
 Stephen: I have to tell you that this kind of attitude really makes me want to cancel even faster
 Stephen: I have paid a lot of money to tivo over the years
 Stephen: some basic help instead of stonewalling would be appreciated and would result in happier customers
 Kaylene: I do apologize if you feel I am having an attitude but per service terms and conditions we do not support any functionally on the box without service. I am simply following policy and do not want to mislead you.
 Stephen: you will not be misleading me, these are technical specs that are black and white
 Stephen: I know that Tivo would prefer I not cancel, but I purchased a box and want to know what will work without the sub
 Kaylene: Unfortunately, a box without service is outside of our scope of support and we do not support any functions or features on inactive boxes so I cannot state which features may or may not. Per service terms and conditions, the box will not work without service and that is the expectation you should have when cancelling.
 Stephen: ok, let me ask a few other questions:
 Stephen: 1) if I cancel my service, can I restart it at any time?
 Kaylene: Yes. Once you cancel service you can re-activate a new service plan at any time.
 Stephen: 2) and is there any supplemental charge for doing so?
 Kaylene: You are currently on month to month service so there is no fee to cancel at this time and if you choose to return there will be no additional fees, just the new service plan.
 Stephen: 3) are you empowered by tivo to offer me any monthly discount on the rate I am currently paying ($14 a month), so that I won’t quit tivo entirely?
 Kaylene: I apologize but no. We do not have any current promotion or discounts we can offer you.
 Stephen: ok, thanks for your time. Where must I go to cancel my service?
 Kaylene: You are welcome. In order to cancel you will need to call in. To speak to an agent, just call our Support line at 877-367-8486.
 Kaylene: Is there anything else I can help you with today Mark?
 Stephen: Yes, why do you think my name is Mark?