Too expensive to buy, free to have


As everyone reading my blog knows by now, Scandinavia is a very expensive part of the world. So we are trying to watch what we buy, and weighing our budget for various needed items (like food). And since it is so sunny here, and the days are so very long, and we neglected to bring sunblock, we were trying to weigh how much we needed to avoid cancer vs how much we needed to avoid starvation. As luck would have it, we passed a pharmacy on our way to rent bikes this morning, and I decided to go in and at least see how much a small tube would cost. Even the fairly small ones were about 30 bucks, and not having a bag with me, didn’t want to carry something that would not fit in my pocket anyway. Then I found the perfect size (probably about 3 or 4 applications worth) and went to ask how much it was, because I didn’t see a price on it. The woman looked at me with a bemused face when I asked her. “That? That is a sample, it is free.” She then handed me 3 of them and out I walked, happy that I would not have to forego a hotel room or meal this evening.

And on the subject of expenses, Josh and I have found that we can have a fairly nice meal at night if we shop at the supermarket during the day and gorge on the buffet in the morning (Many people had rightly advised us to get the buffet breakfast at our hotels, something quote popular here).