Are you sitting down?


Because I have something crazy to share with you.  There is a whole, amazing world outside Manhattan… I know!  This morning I discovered to my delight a charming area called Park Slope in a hamlet known as “Brooklyn“.  And it is only minutes away on the subway.  Who knew?

Joking aside, I went to go meet my lovely friend Sian for brunch at a fantastic restaurant called “Rose Water“.  I highly recommend it, for the brunch was one of the best I have had in a long time.  We then walked around the neighborhood and talked about life’s meaning and the nature of belief.  Sian is a former Quaker who converted to Judaism a few years back, and she has a fascinating perspective on it all.  She invited me to go with her to her shul Friday night for their service, and perhaps I will.  It was certainly a treat to see Sian again after so many years.