Sleeping like a baby


I had been thinking about getting a new mattress for some time. My old one (purchased about 4 years ago) was not terrible, but it was just a bit too soft. Sometimes I would wake up with a slightly sore lower back, and I had long been wondering what it would be like to sleep on a memory foam mattress. I had been researching on and off for some time, but with no great burning motivation, especially since they all seemed so outrageously expensive (literally thousands of dollars). Then a few weeks ago, I came across an article talking about Tuft & Needle. I read through their site and a bunch of their reviews. I love how they break down the scam that is the mattress industry and its pricing models. They really are about the worst business around, much like the used car sector. I decided to go ahead and take the plunge, ordering up a 10 inch full size mattress (for only $450!). Here is the experience I have had so far:

1. It took about 10 days or so longer than they said it would to arrive (I was out of town when it did anyway, so no big deal).

2. I was surprised by how small the box was (the mattress had been compressed and rolled).

3. It was pretty easy to setup, and was pretty cool to see it self-inflate after I broke the plastic seal.

4. Although my previous full size mattress fit easily within my frame, this mattress pushes right up against the edges, leading me to believe that it is slightly larger than full (or that “full” is not quite so standard a definition).

5. The stitching at the end of the cover was not quite as neat as the website pictures (but hey, it is covered with sheets, I don’t really care that much)

And that leads us to number 6, the most important part of the whole experience: SLEEP. I have to admit to having been worried about heat retention, body molding/sinking, and foam smell — all things I had heard about during my research on memory foam mattresses. But I am pleased to report that none of these have been an issue at all, and most importantly, I sleep like a baby. It is (so far, after a week) an extremely pleasant mattress to sleep on. I highly recommend them.