Dear Virgin America, so far you are crap


I am a technology professional who has never flown with Virgin America before, but my brand associations (due to your marketing) were of a hip, modern airline with up to date conveniences. And so when I was planning on booking my current travel to LA, SF, and back to New York, I decided to try out Virgin America. Your website and system have made me never want to fly with you again, and I haven’t even boarded the first plane. Here is a brief list of the problems I have encountered:

1. Unable to book multi part itinerary on your site and had to call in to book travel

2. When logging into my account (anytime over the past several days), site is slow and unresponsive

3. After logging in, I am often logged out mysteriously while trying to make changes

4. Unable to make changes to itinerary using your site

5. Trying to get to seat mapping/changes results in wrong or no information showing, or a wiped out seat selection

6. Once checked in, no option for paperless boarding pass

7. On my iPhone, no app available for Virgin America (for check in, travel alerts, boarding pass, info)

In short, using your company has been a royal pain before even boarding my first flight with you. Congrats to your marketing guys anyway for duping me into believing you had a handle on the modern, internet-connected world when clearly you do not.

Most sincerely,


Expensive. And crap.


Travel tip to those of you unfortunate enough to have to use cell phone service in Mexico. In addition to having the highest rates in the world, the Telcel (near monopoly) network is also notoriously unreliable for sending text messages. They often arrive in a bunch, days after they were sent. That is, if they arrive at all.

Updated: WaMu sucks. Friends are great.


Ten minutes ago the FedEx guy knocks on my door with the replacement bankcard that WaMu told me this morning was misprocessed and never went out.  Not being one to hold a grudge and happy to have the card, I tried to activate it, but alas, they canceled it this morning in favor of the new one that will be here “in two days” (right). When I called them they said, “sorry”, but offered no other help. Ugh.

On the other hand, this has really shown me how sweet my freinds can be. George gave me a little money last week to tide me over, and Rocco did the same today. In addition, Gerardo offered to loan me as well. These guys give me the warm fuzzies. Thanks!

Bread and WaterPan y Agua


That’s about all I am going to have for the next few days. I am pretty pissed off at WaMu right now. After losing my card over a week ago, I called them to get an emergency replacement. I spent about an hour on the phone with them making sure everything was in order, and they promised I would have my replacement card in two business days (which should have been last Tuesday). Tuesday came and went. So did Wednesday. After several more calls to them throughout the week and longer estimates quoted (mysteriously morphing into 3-5 business days), I was still without my card this morning when I called them yet again. Several back and forth calls today, and I finally get word that the order was “incorrectly processed” and so they will have to do it again. But I should have my card in “two business days”. I am not so happy at the moment.Esto es mas o menos todo lo que voy a tener para comer en los próximos días. No estoy muy feliz en este momento con mi banco. Después de perder mi tarjeta hace ocho días, llamé al banco para tener una reemplazo rápido. Pasé una hora en el teléfono con ellos para cerciorarme que tuvieran toda la información, y me prometieron que recibiría mi tarjeta en dos días (eso fue el martes de la semana pasada). Después el martes y el miércoles, llamé varias veces y me dieron estimaciones del tiempo más largas (3-5 días). Estaba todavía sin tarjeta esta mañana cuando los llamé otra vez. Finalmente me dijeron que la orden original tenía un error, y fue necesario hacerla de nuevo. Me aseguran que tendré mi tarjeta “en dos días”. No estoy muy feliz en este momento.