Uxmal vs Chichen Itza


We went to Uxmal today (again, my apologies photo uploading is slow from here, I will try to get something up soon) and I have to say that I was totally blown away by the site.  And as great as Chichen Itza was, I found Uxmal to be far more compelling.  Part of it was perhaps that the site of Uxmal is a bit hilly and thus allowed for more dramatic views.  Another reason was the absolutely stunning detail of the Puuc style buildings that just speaks to me more aesthetically.  Still further, this seems a less bloody culture than the one on display at Chichen Itza. And then there was something intangible, perhaps more romantic about Uxmal.  One of the things that is a little frustrating when visiting these sites is that the archaeologists don’t seem to have all the answers about what these people were like or what these buildings were really used for in any great detail. I have a real fascination and curiosity about the daily lives of the inhabitants and their belief systems, but the answers are pretty vague.