Sydney in Pictures


Sydney is a beautiful city, most especially in the nooks and crannies and natural beauty of the place. For the most part, I think the city is at its best when it stays at a smaller scale. With some notable exceptions, the much larger developments of blocks of high rise apartment buildings, casinos, and some newer districts are pretty bland. Sydney is at its most beautiful in the older neighborhoods, and along the winding coastline.  Below is a collection of photos I have taken over the past couple of weeks.

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Above the clouds


One of the reasons I always pick the window seat on an airplane is that I love looking out. It is often so beautiful to have this vantage point on the world, even if it is only through the small porthole of a plane’s window. The other day I flew from Caracas, Venezuela to Los Angeles, and the views were particularly spectacular. I took a large number of photos from the plane which I present here.

Fez (or Fes)


I absolutely love Fez, the city is like nothing I have ever seen in its medieval urban intensity. We were warned by all manner of person, article, and guidebook about the absolute necessity of getting a guide here, and it is pretty easy to get lost if one is not careful. But the twin technologies of Google maps and GPS have rendered the absolute chaos of the medina quite manageable.  While it is true that not every nook and cranny are mapped, most of the main ones are, and even if you get lost you can eventually reorient yourself with a little patience. We got lost only a couple of times, and that was only due to the limitations of the “blue dot” not always being accurately placed on the map (the limitations of GPS accuracy in a few hard to reach areas. And it never lasted more than a few minutes. The medina and its souks are such a fascinating place, the chaos and history and otherworldly quality of it all.

The riad we are staying in was an excellent choice, it is called Al Bartal. The staff are so nice, the service so wonderful, and the place is so beautiful, it really feels like you are transported to another time. If I had any complaint about the place, it would only be that someone has sadistically stationed a loud bird in the courtyard whose incessant chirping and whistling is enough to make me want to put a cat in the cage with it or turn it into a pastilla.

We have two more days here, and much left to explore I am happy to say. Check out the pics (so far) below.

From Fez