Basel Road Trip


Yesterday was a beautiful Swiss day. Jonathan and I first took a walk along the creek behind his house, and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. It also posed a query I am often obsessed with in these kinds of places: Who pays for all this? The path and creek and forest stretch for miles and is meticulously maintained. Are these part of some municipal, canton or federal budgets that one’s high taxes pay for? This isn’t that hugely a populated area, and yet it must be very expensive to maintain. In any event, it was beautiful.

After our morning walk, we took a 2.5 hour drive to Basel. Jonathan had heard great things about the Gaugin show at the Fondation Beyeler, so we first went to that. The show was good, but a bit too crowded which made it difficult to appreciate the work. I did learn a few new interesting things about Gaugin, an artist I have never much cared for in the past. While I can’t say I suddenly love his work, I do have a greater appreciation for it after the show.

Following the show we drove into the center of the old town and had a really lovely walk around. Even though it was Easter and most everything was closed, the feel of the historic city, the river views, the winding streets and the crisp, sunny day made this my favorite part of the trip.

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