It’s like Christmas!


…but not in the good way. I mean that I have rarely seen such a massive line at the security checkpoint. And even though there were at least 15 scan lines, the hordes of people snaking their slow way through to get to these lines was insane. Is there some holiday happening that I am unaware of? Fortunately, I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and I am now ensconced in the SWISS lounge (why on earth did they change their name from Swissair, anyway?). Despite not having the appropriate pass, they let me in anyway, and I am now enjoying free water, brownies, brisket, cantaloupe, and Wi-Fi, not necessarily in that order. My flight boards in a little less than an hour. I will then have about a 3 hour layover before catching my flight to Marrakech. Maybe by the time I return to NYC, Spring will actually be a thing.