Rain and Fado, a perfect combo


Since it was raining this morning, I decided to check out the Fado Museum, which is helpfully located just a few minutes from my apartment. I knew almost nothing of Fado music before coming to Lisbon, but now having spent some time at the museum and listening to a fair sampling, I have come to the conclusion that this is my kind of thing. I have always been drawn to melancholic music, I find it the most beautiful type, and Fado does not disappoint. It is dripping with it. But Fado is not just about melancholy and sadness, it is about adjacent feelings of longing and acceptance. “Saudade” has always been one of my favorite Portuguese words, and here is a perfect representation of it in musical form. How could this not appeal to a gay man, really? Fado has a fascinating history of marginalization and censorship, and later even being seen as hopelessly tainted by associations with facism and dictatorship. You can read up on its history here, it is pretty interesting (if badly written). I even bought a couple of collections of Fado music, which I am listening to at this very moment.

And how perfectly timed this all was, since I am to meet friends tonight at a Fado restaurant…now, where did I put those razor blades…?