Karpat and The Black Sea


Unfortunately Emre had to work most of the day yesterday, so Karpat and I took a little drive north to the edge of The Black Sea. We passed through a couple of run down old fishing villages, and I had to wonder: If these places are hundreds of years old, why is there so little obvious older architecture? Karpat told me that the Turks are not big on saving their history, and that the Ottoman empire built largely in wood rather than stone, so I suppose these are part of the story. One of the places we passed through, Garipçe, has a current and messy story all its own related to the nearby bridge construction. We also saw the ruins of the fort at Remeli Feneri, which were quite atmospheric.

It was incredibly windy yesterday, so much so that Karpat and I were almost blown into the sea from the cliffs a couple of times. But the Bosphorus and the edge of the Black Sea were nevertheless quite beautiful in this weather. Later Karpat showed me a glitzy new mall with an interesting design, and we finally met up with Emre later for a brief meal before heading to bed.

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