Last days in Mumbai


I’ve been having a pretty great time in Mumbai the last few days, hanging out with Nik and Rittu, doing a little work, getting caught up with Alok, Vikram, Shumona and Xerxes, and meeting a lot of lovely new people. Most of this has revolved, naturally, around eating and drinking. I have pretty well managed to stuff myself with just about every Indian food type there is while here, and I have been loving it. Perhaps because I spent so many months here all those years ago, but this trip has felt in many ways like a homecoming. Everyone has been so welcoming, and it has been surprisingly smooth sailing getting back into the Indian swing of things.

I actually picked up a little technology work here, so if all goes well with the project, I expect that I will not be waiting another 8 years for my next visit, but will rather be back within the year. Tomorrow morning I will take off for Istanbul for a week, then Portugal, and finally back home.