Goodbye friends (and Delhi)


I have somewhat mixed feelings about Delhi. Is is a crazy large, chaotic city with some attendant wonderfulness that one finds in most such agglomerations. There is some great night life, amazing food, incredible history and fascinating sites to see. But there is also horrible traffic and the worst pollution in the world. The pollution somehow seems even worse than 8 years ago when I was here last, and I can see why the numbers for respiratory and other health problems are through the roof here. At many times, one can not see the sun on an otherwise sunny day.

But then there are the absolutely remarkable people I know here, who make every visit a total delight. Meeta, Digraj, and Aashni have really made this trip special. They are kind and generous hosts that I love spending time with, and they have been sharing the best of their city (especially the food) with an amazing warmth and playfulness.  They make Delhi a fantastic place to visit, and make me want to come back again and again. I always have fun with them, and I will miss them.