Change of plans


This round-the-world trip has been pretty spectacular so far. But I have decided for a number of reasons to cut it short by about 15 days and take a different route back to New York. In the first place, I have some work piling up that is a little difficult to do properly from the road (although I have been working some). Second, I have exceeded my budget by a bit and need to cut back. And third, after spending close to 4 months on the road already, I am a just a little bit homesick for NYC.

So my new plan is to stay in India a little bit longer, and to return for a week to Mumbai where I will do some work, then to fly on to Istanbul and spend time with some dear friends who live there. After that, I will go to Portugal (where I have never been before), before finally returning to NYC on the 15th or so of February.

But before I get to Mumbai, Ken and I will travel tomorrow to Agra to see (what else) the Taj Mahal, and the following day we will be in Delhi. Ken will fly back to the US the day after, while I will stay on for a few days visiting friends and catching up.

UPDATE: In yet another change of plans, Ken and I realized that by the time we reached Agra tomorrow by train, the Taj would only be open for about another hour. Our original plan was to see the Taj by night, but it is only open on near or full moon nights, which leaves us out alas. So we are heading straight to Delhi instead, a 4 hour trip vs the almost 10 hour trip to Agra.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.05.40 PM