Amritsar and Golden Temple


I think we figured out that the cacophony of annoying music today was actually much more pronounced than it would otherwise be because there was a festival happening today. A lot of places were closed, and children were flying kites everywhere throughout the city. During the day Ken and I walked around the city and spent a fair amount of time trying to find out if we would ever see our luggage again. Just as I had made peace with the fact that I would have to buy all new clothing in some local stores (and wondering what the chic young sikh is wearing these days), I finally got a call through to Air India and they said they had located our bags. Mine was being sent from the airport by taxi to our hotel, but Ken’s was still in Delhi and they would be sending that along later tonight. At least, we hope they will, because we have an early morning train to catch. After the chaos of the city and our day, we finally got up the courage to visit the main attraction, the famous Golden Temple. It was really spectacular, and a fantastic contrast to the city and the day. It was a profoundly peaceful and welcoming place, and I was very happy we saved it for last and saw it by night, lit up as it was and casting beautiful reflections in the water that it sits in. My previous and current experiences among the Sikhs have always been warm, and I am impressed by many tenets of their faith and practice and their treatment of others.

It is 9pm at the moment, and about an hour ago, Ken and I noticed the sound of nothing in the air. All is quiet in Amritsar at the moment and we are relieved and at peace with all the world. Except Air India, that is.

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