Singapore notes


– I’m sure I marveled at this at one point several years ago, but this place is a sauna outside, all the time. I don’t know how it can be this humid and not pouring down rain (which to be fair, it also has done at times).

– I love that you can seemingly stop in any mom and pop food stand and get amazing food. I had an absolutely heavenly murtabak yesterday from such a place, and a damn good banana prata.

– Don’t forget to get an avocado milk shake while here. Or any of a number of delicious juices and shakes from all manner of tropical fruit.

– Shopping shopping shopping. I don’t think they do anything else, and I don’t know how all these places can stay in business.

– Singapore is nothing if not ambitious in its public works projects (see yesterday’s post for example).

– The Gallery Hotel (where I stayed) has definitely seen better days. It seems like one of those places where a lot of care went into the design and launch, but none into the upkeep and management. I would choose another place if I were you.

– Walking from point a to point b through any random neighborhood is a treat. The crazy mix of old and new and huge and small scales is pretty cool.

– With the possible exception of Hong Kong, Singapore is just about the easiest place for an English speaker to visit in Asia (linguistically).