Qristmas in Queensland


The last few days I have been with Nick’s large family about 1000 kilometers to the north of Sydney, in Queensland, the state just above New South Wales. The family originates near a place called St. George and most of them still reside in the state less than a few hours drive from each other. We were staying in a house in Kingsthorpe, ┬ánear the larger city of Toowoomba with the family, and like most holidays was filled with family, fun, and food. Everyone in Nick’s family who I met was without exception warm and welcoming to me, and I really appreciated being there. The accents are quite a bit stronger up here, and at times I have struggled to understand what people have been saying. One of the funnier moments came when they were discussing a dessert that they would be making, and what a favorite it was. They kept calling it “rumble”, everyone loved “rumble”. Wait til you taste the “rumble”. It contained chocolate and sultanas and coconut and rum. I was excited to try this local Australian treat. And when they gave me one I realized it was the quite familiar “rum ball”.