Getting settled in South Yarra


I’ll be honest with you, the next two weeks will be a lot more tame. While I will be exploring Melbourne while I am here, it is not meant to be as go go go as the last few weeks have been for the simple reason that I have to pay for shit. Meaning, I have to work to be able to afford all this. So I rented an apartment in the South Yarra neighborhood, which is pretty nice and well set up for me to chill out and get some work done and live a normal-ish life for a couple of weeks. And that is what I have done today so far. I did some grocery shopping, went to the gym, and have been back working ever since. I did take a brief walk around the neighborhood yesterday, and it gives off a bit of a funny impression. Although it is clearly a hip and wealthy neighborhood, it looks like there was a big push about 10 or 15 years ago (from the looks of the architecture) and then was kind of frozen in time there in 2004. There is still a lot of building going on, but it feels of some slightly other era. And for some mysterious reason, everything closes really early (well, by American standards anyway). I went walking around 5pm yesterday and it seemed about half the stores were closed. And the most bizarre part was not being able to find a coffee shop open anywhere. I passed at least 8 of them that were closed. My friends tell me no one drinks coffee at that time of day, which sounds just as strange to me as if someone told me that is the time of day people stick needles in their eyes or slowly chew broken glass.

Anyway, later tonight I am meeting some friends downtown (or in the CBD as they say here) for a meal and drinks, so I will take the opportunity to walk there and see a few neighborhoods along the way. Don’t take any of the above about Melbourne as at all reliable, I am sure my early impressions will change as I get to know the city better.