Walking on sunshine


Not much to say about today, except that I keep loving Sydney more and more. Walked around several neighborhoods with very nice architecture (especially around an area called Ultimo), including two fairly well known gay neighborhoods (Surry Hill and Darlinghurst), both of which have beautiful, tree-lined streets. The food so far is nothing spectacularly creative, but it is tasty and generally well done. And again, it probably helps my impression of Sydney that the weather has been gorgeous and the people have been very nice. Especially my host and friend Nick, who is a hoot to hang out with in the evenings when is home from work. Tomorrow night we will head off to the capital of Australia, a place called Canberra, where we will spend the weekend learning about the Australian form of government, going to a history of Australia museum, visit with a friend of Nick’s who lives there, and attend a dance party best described as the Australian version of a gay hoe down.