Some notes on Seoul


As you may have noticed by now, there are a lot of small things I notice about a place, thoughts I like to collect that are somewhat random and not worthy of a post all their own. Here are a few from this place:

– Strangely, Google Maps provides no walking directions in this city, forcing me to navigate myself.

– I would not call Seoul an especially beautiful city, and contrasting it with Tokyo where I have just been, it is much dirtier and grittier.

– The subway here has some very nice things about it, like protected doors (no suicides here I bet!), and numbered exits that are a huge help in navigation, and for knowing where to meet people outside. They also have a very nice refillable card system for getting around. And the signs and announcements are in English as well as Korean which makes it all very easy to navigate. The direction of the trains is very clearly marked as well.

– There is much more English spoken here than in Japan.

– And unlike Japan, there is a lot of public talking, throat clearing, sneezing, coughing, and general noise making.

– There seem to be a lot more foreigners here than I found in Japan, but it could just be the areas I have been staying in.

– I have never seen so many varieties of coffee shop chain, it is really a battle for dominance.

– I can’t quite put my finger on the overall aesthetic of the modern architecture here, but if I had to sum up in one word, it would be “clumsy”