Seoul arrival


I bid a fond farewell to Ken yesterday (about 22 hours ago, the poor guy is STILL in transit) and boarded my flight to Seoul, where I now find myself. Once I got in and settled, it was about 6 in the evening, so I took a brief nap before heading out to meet Kevin, Jason, and Uin (super nice friends of my friend Gabe) for dinner in the neighborhood. They took me to a great Korean place where we had things whose names I can’t remember (despite asking at least 3 times) and that now I wish I had taken a few photos of. There were some fried vegetables with a kind of savory pancake thing beneath, there was a spicy chicken dish in a thick broth, there was kimchi and beans and something else. All of it was pretty delicious. In any event, by the end of the evening we had all drank so much delicious soju that I could barely walk. I am staying in the center of Seoul, in a neighborhood called Itaewon, which is very lively and also happens to be the heart of foreign and gay nightlife here. I will head out soon to explore the area and take pictures and report back later on what I find.