Kyoto in the rain


One of my favorite ways to explore a new city is on foot. I like to set a destination or task, and let the city unfold in front of me on my way to it. Ken is much the same, so we travel well together in this regard. This morning we set our sites on Kiyomizu-dera, about a 40 minute walk from our place. Along the way we saw a bunch of cute neighborhoods, some very touristy streets, and a few gorgeous shrines and temples. I was impressed by how crowded everything was, but I suppose this is a Sunday after all, and there were bound to be tourists. The worst crush of them was at our destination, or at least it was until a torrential downpour began and they all seemed to scurry away. We were lucky to duck into a charming outdoor covered food stand for a surprisingly yummy soup bowl of udon with egg. We missed most of the worst of the heavy rain, and then set out on a different path to get ourselves home. The rain continued on and off, and we were a little wet and fatigued by the time we got back, but all in all it was a beautiful walk. And other than the rain, this seems a perfect time to visit Kyoto, because the fall colors are beautiful.

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