Fresh fish, urban monotony, and buddhists


Today was another day of walking a ton, but Ken and I are very similar in finding it a great way to get to know a city. We first set our sites on the Tsukiji Fish Market, and walked from our hotel down there, about an hour’s walk through parts of Tokyo we had not yet seen. We then headed over to the oldest Buddhist shrine in Tokyo, which sort of dates from the 7th century, except that it was destroyed during WWII and subsequently rebuilt. Along the way we experienced block after block of the urban monotony that makes up the area of Tokyo in between, punctuated by a few interesting buildings here and there. We still can’t get over how quiet the whole city feels, it is really eerie. Aside from that, I have a few more impressions:

– There seem to be almost no homeless people around. We have seen a total of two so far in this city of 13 million.

– Far louder than the people are the crows, which are everywhere crowing.

– For all the traffic, we have not heard a horn honk even once.

– There are not very many foreigners around anywhere we have been. We can count on two hands all the ones we have seen in two days.

– If you should need to find a public toilet in Tokyo, look for a park. Every park seems to have one.

– There are surprisingly few public places to just sit down.

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