Catching up, Costumes, and driving


The last few days have been filled with working (a bit) and catching up with old friends. In the past few days I have had lunches and dinners and drinks and exhibits and parties and coffees.  I had almost forgotten how many great people I knew here, and it has been really nice reconnecting. One of the really interesting things I did yesterday was see the Hollywood Costume exhibit at LACMA. Beyond being a fascinating exploration of the creative process, the design of the exhibit itself was exceptionally innovative and engaging.  If you are in LA in the next few months this is definitely worth a visit. After that, I drove to the west side to catch up with Jose and Sally (and then went to Sally’s birthday party at a local restaurant). It was a lot of fun and I ended up staying the night in my old apartment (where Jose still lives), which jogged a lot of memories for me, not least because almost all of my old furniture and decoration is still in place 8 years later. One of the things I really had not missed about LA is the driving. I have said it before, but I think driving turns me into a meaner person than I would otherwise be, and stresses me in ways that riding the subway, walking or hailing a cab does not.