Oh, Hollywood


This morning I had to take a bullshit meeting at one of the studios wherein the outcome was known beforehand. I hate wasting time, but it was important to a client of mine, so I agreed to go. I am actually glad I went after all if for nothing else then the beautifully presented case study of a studio executive’s creepy duplicity. It was all fake smiles and tightly wound energy with this woman. She actually reminded me almost exactly of the character Annete Benning played in the movie “American Beauty”.  I shook her hand (and everyone else’s who I was being introduced to) at the beginning of the meeting, but at the end when I went to shake her hand again, she said, “No, no, everyone gets a hug.” and she proceeded to hug me goodbye. I think it makes her feel that she is being more emotionally generous or something, but the purpose of this whole meeting was to get us to hand over as much info to them as possible before they give my client the boot, so it was all a little weird. They seem incapable of just telling it like it is. And like I said, I didn’t really even need to be there, I could have (and have) told them what they needed to know in a 5 minute email, but hey, they insisted.