Macarena is more than a song


It is also an artsy neighborhood in Bogota, and one I walked to today from the Candelaria district, with one of my new friends, Jose. Before that we had lunch and I had another very Colombian dish, something crazy heavy called a Bandeja paisa (see pic below). And in some of the places today and yesterday, I have been seeing and learning about the work of a famous local architect, Rogelio Salmona. We also walked through a bunch of neighborhoods in between, some shabby, some nicer, and then made our way to the Parque Nacional, which was interesting to see if a bit run down. Later in the evening I was invited by Jaime to a small gathering at his friend’s house in one of the most expensive parts of the city. This guy’s place was beautiful and the view over Bogota unparalleled (like I needed more altitude, but this was totally worth it). I finally made my way back to my hotel, where I will checkout tomorrow morning fairly early to catch my plane to Caracas, where I will stay only a short while before catching my next flight out on Monday. Wish me luck.

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