Bienvenidos a Bogotá


The flight was pretty bumpy but otherwise uneventful, and getting through passport control and customs was surprisingly easy. And the airport was pretty nice and very new looking (I think it is or has been renovated recently). Just outside customs, my ride was waiting to take me to Hotel de l’Opera where I am staying. In the van, the perky young travel guide started rattling off all the things to do and see in Bogota, and they all lined up exactly with the Lonely Planet guide I had read on the plane. I think the long day had taken its toll on me, though, because I was feeling a bit out of it and headachy. I checked in and went almost straight to bed but woke up at several points in the evening feeling kind of out of it and like I wasn’t able to breath as well as normal. And then it hit me, duh. I am at pretty high altitude here in Bogotá, something like 8700 ft (second highest capital in the world after Quito, Ecuador). I have been in a number of high altitude places in the past and it does take a couple of days to adjust. Today I am meeting a local, a friend of my friend Roberto (from Mexico), who has generously offered to show me around. Stay tuned.