Tick tock tick tock


I leave in 2 days, yikes.

And whenever I am about to leave on a long trip, I go over lists of things not to forget to do and double and triple check them. And I still end up forgetting something. But hey, such is life. I go when I go and if I have forgotten something important to do at home, c’est la vie. It will probably involve unplugging electronics or throwing out food likely to spoil or something like that. And it always seems that in the last days leading up to a big trip, there is a sudden surge in the amount of client work that has to be done immediately, some mini crisis or other that just can’t wait. Anyway, today I will try to test pack and see what I can fit into one carry on. The challenge here is that I will be crossing a somewhat wide range of climates over the next 3-5 months, and I need to be able to deal with the cold and the hot, the rainy and the dry. Should I bring something nice to wear out on occasion, or just stick to the very casual? Bulky sweater and jacket for my time in Japan and South Korea, even though the rest of the trip will be Southern Hemisphere and therefore late Spring and Summer? And speaking of summer, do I bring a swimsuit? What about workout clothes? Some of these things I should probably just buy locally and donate them somewhere when I leave. In the past, on long trips I brought just enough to have a week’s worth of clothes, knowing I would do laundry on a regular schedule. It is nice not to have too much stuff to lug around with you. And outside of the packing there are the vaccines and visas, tickets and transport, etc etc.

I leave for Columbia in two days. Tick tock.