A long road to Rabat


Josh and I finished part one of our Amsterdam trip (we are returning on the 26th for 2 more days) with a canal boat tour, then made our way to the airport by train. The Schiphol airport was as close to deserted as I have ever seen, which was nice, but our flight to Casablanca was somehow pretty full. I have to pause here and say a word about the food on Royal Air Maroc, it is quite remarkable. Remarkable in the sense that is bar none the worst airline food around. And that is saying something. It seems they inherited a bunch of frozen dinners from other airlines leftover from the 70s, and are reheating them until they run out. Their fleet of aircraft is likewise from the same era, so perhaps they got a deal on both together. Once we arrived in Casablanca, I negotiated through the highly chaotic scene at the cell phone service booth (these places always have tons of people screaming and waving their arms) and walked away with all the cell phone service, texting, and (most importantly) unlimited internet we will need on our road trip here. After that we went to pick up our rental car, another adventure since the guy was not at the booth. I had to call a number and he seemed kind of pissed that he had to come give us the car we reserved. Then he tried to change the price, then told us we had to pay cash (we refused), then gave us a car that had no gas in the tank and told us that was normal. My advice to those of you wanting to rent a car in Morocco in the future: go with one of the big name companies only, even though they cost a lot more. In any event, we remained cool as cucumbers, gassed up the car, and made it to our hotel in the center of Rabat.  Tomorrow we will explore Rabat a little before moving on to Meknes.