Rijksmuseum, walking, more rain


Today we got up and noticed that it was blissfully not raining, so we took a walk to the Nieuewmarket and had breakfast, then walked down to the newly restored Rijksmuseum. It was closed to the public for something like 10 years while they did the renovation, and I had never been before, so it seemed like a good bet. And I have to say, the place was fantastic. The explanations and context for the work were very well done, and really served to reel the viewer in. The Vermeers and Rembrandts were described in a much more interesting way to me than ever before. The only negative thing was that the museum was a little over crowded, and it was hard to get a closeup look at many of the paintings. One of my all time favorite rooms was the library (see pics below), which like the rest of the museum had been lovingly restored. After that we met Huw for lunch and a lovely walk back to the center by way of the Pijps neighborhood, a couple of parks and markets. It started to rain again near the end of our walk, so we hurried back to the hotel. And after a short nap, we went out to meet the gang for a pretty good Indonesian meal and many beers at Spijker bar until just a short while ago. I am now beat and heading to bed.

From AMS 14