Charity auction


Olaf and I got a lot of work done yesterday, and then in the evening went to a charity auction that the archive that Olaf runs had donated a photograph to. We first had to deal with the fact that I had nothing appropriate with me to wear. I borrowed an ill-fitting jacket from Olaf and spruced it up with a large scarf, feeling a bit silly, but Olaf assured me it looked fine, so off we went. The auction/benefit itself was interesting on a number of levels. It seemed filled with the kind of people that make themselves feel better about all the money they have by going to upscale benefits where they never really have to mix in any meaningful way with the yucky poor they are supposedly there to help. This evening’s benefit was for Sierra Leone, but it wasn’t entirely clear to me what the money raised would be used for. And I guess the crowd may have had a few native English speakers in attendance, because the auctioneer kept peppering her auction spiel with numerous English words and phrases like “last chance” and “gentleman in the corner” and “nine hundred euros” and the like. One of the funny things about the photography on auction was their stated values before auction, which Olaf told me are not independently assessed, but rather at the whim of the person or foundation that is donating. This allows them to assign some pretty ridiculous numbers and puff up their self image. (One image in particular had valued itself at 45000. It went for under 2000 I believe.)