With only about 4 hours sleep to go on, I made my way to the airport at around 5am to catch my flight to Venice to meet Olaf and his friends. We will stay in Venice until Monday and visit a few expos of the biennale and generally take in the beauty that is the city of Venice herself. The last time I was in Venice was about 10 years ago. The city seems physically much the same, but one of the biggest differences is that it is much easier to find one’s way around then it was back then, for the simple reason of google maps on a phone. I remember at that time getting lost and a little panicked one night, sure I was going in circles. Now you can always route your way from one place to another, it is quite amazing how technology has so drastically changed that.

The apartment we are staying in is really lovely, in a part of Venice I had not seen before, and this gives us many opportunities to crisscross the city and see new buildings and piazzas. Venice is really one of the most beautiful and atmospheric cities in the world, I love how dense the urban fabric is, and how one minute you could be in a crevice of a street where you could literally touch both sides at the same time and then come out into a dramatic plaza with a gorgeous church as its centerpiece a moment later.

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  1. Troy says:

    Lovely photos! Wish I was there to see it all with you Tell Olaf I say hello!