Збогом, Serbia


Boris and Milos took Fabian and I to the airport this morning where we bid them goodbye. It was so wonderful seeing my friend Boris and catching up while I was here, as well as meeting his really sweet boyfriend. There are some people in life that you connect with so well and always feel close to, and Boris is one of those people for me. I am hopeful (as is he) that he will move back to New York someday soon.

Thanks to Fabian’s platinum Amex, we are currently ensconced in the swank business center at the airport awaiting our flight to Paris. We keep hearing announcements in Serbian over the PA system, and I swear one of them was paging someone with the last name  “Thisisabitch”. We distinctly heard it more than once, and it made me think that perhaps this is the Serbian version of someone playing a paging prank. Like when someone calls a bar and asks if they can page “Mike Hunt” or something equally juvenile. Still, we couldn’t help giggling every time we heard it.


  1. Mom says:

    My favorite airport page was a search for Mister Chimera…..glad you’re having such a great time.