Notes on Serbia


As I do in many other locations, I have a collection of random notes about Serbia. Just a simple list of things I have noticed while here:

– Sweatpants. I have never seen so many people (almost exclusively men) wearing them as their primary mode of dress.

– Natural Gas / Petrol. Many of the cars here are retrofitted to work with both natural gas and petrol, as natural gas is far less expensive here than regular petrol.

– Smiling. No one seems to do it here but us. And the locals look at us as if we are crazy for smiling. What do they know that we don’t, or vice versa?

– Heavy, meat-based cuisine. As you have no doubt noticed from some of the postings and photos, this is a crazy meat heavy culture. They seem to eat very few vegetables and love everything deep fried, soaked in cream or fat, or generally colon cancer causing.

– Heartburn. I have never had more of it, I am sure related to my note above.

– Smoking. Almost everyone smokes here, like I haven’t seen since Paris in the early 90s.