Vampire gymnastics


As you all know, I have had some ongoing back pain recently that stubbornly refuses to heal (although it has seemed a bit better in the past week or so). After talking with some friends who are fans of the practice, and reading up about it online, I decided to try a little inversion therapy. After checking out all the pros and cons of the various types, I settled on this fairly inexpensive thing-a-ma-bob (and really, what can’t you order on Amazon these days?):


It was kind of a pain to assemble, but with a little help (thanks cousin and uncle!) it is put together and I had my first, er, inversion session. I hung upside down (well, at about 70 degrees anyway) for about 5 minutes. I felt a little light headed at first, but pretty good right now. I plan to do this a couple of times a day over the next week or two, and I will let you know how the experiment works out. If it turns out to be useless as a back pain relief tool, I suppose the mechanics of the thing do suggest numerous other possible uses (use your imagination here and try not to blush.)


  1. Holly says:

    Could open up a whole new area of dating options… (and I thought that just from the post title). ;)