Poked, stabbed, needled, what-have-you


So, as everyone within earshot knows, my lower back has been fucked up (that’s the technical term btw) for over a month. In that time, while traveling, I have seen two massage therapists, one osteopath, and a doctor (who at least prescribed me pain meds and told me to get a scan when I got home). But let’s face it, it is hard to deal with a problem like this when one is on the move every couple of days, often in a very bumpy vehicle. Add to that the constant lifting of bags and the full Goldilocks array of bed types and hotels, and it isn’t too surprising that I haven’t exactly been able to follow a rigid treatment plan.  I have an appointment with a specialist tomorrow, but today I went to see an acupuncturist that my cousin highly recommended and that I had made an appointment with two weeks ago from the road while in a moment of exasperation. When you are in constant pain, you are willing to try anything to alleviate it. My past experiences with acupuncture have not exactly made me a huge fan, but neither have they been super negative. The woman I went to see today seemed a better practitioner than the last one I went to, and she seemed to really understand what was causing my pain anyway. She stuck all kinds of needles into my front and back sides, and I jerked and jumped quite a few times as they were going in. I can’t really say that this healed my back, but it certainly didn’t make it any worse, and I at least left feeling pretty relaxed. I may go back and see her in about 10 days time, or I may not, depending on what I hear from the other doc tomorrow and how my back feels over the next couple of days.