To Madrid briefly before home…


We took the fast train from Sevilla to Madrid earlier today, and spent the afternoon walking around Madrid in the gorgeous spring weather. Yesterday was pretty amazing, involving a visit to several small towns in the region of Castaño, one of the most delicious meals I have ever had, and a trip to a farm to hear (in a bit too much detail) about how they make their special Jamon Iberico. This evening was meandering and tapas and now we are packing and getting ready to return to the states tomorrow. I still don’t have a good enough internet connection to upload photos (note: do NOT ever stay at the NH Nacional in Madrid, they are lying when they say they have WiFi), so that will have to wait until I return to the states alas. Suffice it to say I have a lot of them, and they are super interesting, and one day soon I hope to upload them.

By this time tomorrow, I should be somewhere over the the Atlantic, about an hour or two from landing. This trip has been amazing, but I am ready to be home in New York.


  1. Troy says:

    Can’t wait to see your pix! And hear more about your trip