Train blogging Casa to Fez


Marites and I are currently on a train to Fez, after a brief stopover in Casablanca to have lunch and check out (a small amount of) Moroccan art deco architecture. Casablanca impresses me (in that very short time and distance) as a much less touristy place than Marrakech, and much more developed (the modern tram system we took seemed pretty state of the art). I am able to blog by connecting my fairly good reception Maroc Telecom unlimited internet to my computer via Wi-Fi. I feel so modern. One thing that has been quite a curiosity for Marites and me, as we ride the train, is trying to figure out what this little cartoon figure on a sticker could possibly mean:


We have seen this sticker everywhere on the train. There seems to be an antenna or an ear, and it seems to be sleeping, does it mean to keep things with antennas asleep or quiet? Does it have something to do with a penis? It is a figure in prayer? Is it a meditating bunny with a Van Gogh complex? The mind boggles…