Marites and I came here to Essaouira (a damn difficult name to try to remember how to spell btw) yesterday, as it was highly recommended by just about everyone. And while I am happy we came, and the place definitely has its charms, it is quite touristy. And not just any tourists, but a lot of the backpacker set that I encountered in many places, easily identified by their bare feet, highly tanned but definitely white skin, “native” clothing choices and dreadlocks. Apart from them, the city was interesting and cute, but not really moreso than any of dozens of Greek or Spanish towns you may have known. The entire city is painted white with blue doors and window treatments, and apart from the small souks could be almost anywhere around the Mediterranean (even though we are on the Atlantic). Of all the places I have been in Morocco so far, this is by far the most recognizable to me. I guess I would recommend you see it while here if you have lots of time in Morocco or are a huge fan of wind surfing, or love to buy t-shirts emblazoned with the name of the place you are in, or have never been to Greece or southern Spain. Other than that, I would give it a pass.

Today we head back to Marrakech, where I am hoping to see (yet) another doctor about my increasing back pain, then on to Fez tomorrow if all goes well. See below for the pics of Essaouira.

From Essaouira


  1. Kasia says:

    Such a shame…when I was there 10 years ago, we had the beach and souk to ourselves, sipping sweet tea and connecting to the locals (we even stayed in touch for a while)! My fondest memory: buying ingredients for dinner at the market and waiting in a local backstreet restaurant for the owner to prepare it. Close second: being taken to an out of town meat market where camel necks were getting shorter and shorter by the minute after which I enjoyed my first camel tajine. I will never forget those days!
    Good luck with your neck, what a constant nuisance that must be!!

  2. Mom says:

    I am really worried about your back. Please let me know what the (new) doctor says.