Pause in Marrakech with Marites


We finally made it back to Marrakech yesterday, just in time to meet my friend Marites who arrived from SF to travel with me for the next few weeks. Unfortunately, my back is in really bad shape. I had an appointment today with the osteopathe, who told me I should be feeling better in a couple of days after he manipulated my body every which way. I really hope he is correct, I have been in a lot of back pain, and I am so over it. One unexpected bonus of going to see him was that he was very handsome, so at least there was that. Today was pretty low key for Marites and I as you can imagine, between her jetlag and my back. We just walked around the garden and ate a nice lunch. I am still trying to properly tag and upload the huge number of images from our trip, and hope to post them later today or tomorrow.