Back from the edge of the desert


Today is the last day of our trip, we are in a place called Taroudant and will return to Marrakech this evening. The last few days were absolutely packed with adventures and interesting situations and people, far too much to write about in a single post. Over the next couple of days I will attempt to unpack various parts of it for your reading pleasure.

Since my last post a few days ago, we have been to Assa, Akka,┬áIsserghine, Imi n’tatelt, Tissnit, and several other odd but wonderful experiences along the way that included a wild goose chase in the middle of the night to find a campground in what looked like an abandoned moon crater, an amazing reception for tea at the house of a local, somewhat royal (descended from a revered saint) family, crazy street markets that never see foreigners, and a lot of tagines and absolutely stunning scenery. All this to say nothing about the various tensions between our guide and her work, our guide and the driver, our guide and her husband, our guide and the many enemies and buffoons she describes, and finally, our guide and her very own nature.

Overall, I feel incredibly privileged and grateful to have been included on this trip. We never would have been able to see the things we did without our guides, or without the group I was with (they were all a lot of fun). The paragraph above really only scratches the surface of what we did,  I will be writing a bit more about it in the coming posts.

We return to Marrakech this evening where I will meet up with my friend Marites for the next part of the Morocco adventure. And I will see a doctor tomorrow morning about my back, who can hopefully do something to relive the unrelenting pain.

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