Berber Road Trip


Today was pretty amazing, we started in Marrakech and drove a few hours to Tiznit, where we met with the architect (Salima Naji) and her husband who are leading the tour. We began with a tour of her own house/museum, which they have restored and which was beautiful indeed (although I have some philosophical questions pertaining to claimed authenticity). We then drove to the seaside for a fish lunch (where I valiantly tried, with limited success,  to separate bones from edible parts) and took a walk on an exceptionally beautiful beach, then drove on to a town that was a Spanish outpost not ceded to Morocco until the late 1960s (and which had the most bizarre architecture resembling a hollywood set). Finally, we drove through some beautiful landscapes on our way here to a place called Borj Birmane, which will serve as our base for the next few days while we explore the surrounding Berber sites. I have taken tons of photos today, but alas only have about a 9600 baud modem’s worth of network via my phone, so you will have to wait a few days for the many images.