Berber beginnings


Yesterday I spent sometime at the Berber Museum at the Jardin Majorelle (where I am staying), which I found really fascinating. I really didn’t know much at all about Berber culture before seeing the museum, and it was quite an enriching experience. The curator, Bjorn, is a really nice guy who showed me around a bit and explained a lot of the pieces to me. I was surprised to learn what a large population of Berbers were Jewish, and what a strong impact they had on the culture. Bjorn was telling me that it was quite a devastating loss for Morocco when most of them emigrated away (largely to Israel) in the middle part of the 20th century.

The museum visit serves as an excellent intro to the trip I am taking over the next few days. We leave tomorrow on a 5 day journey to the south to visit a number of berber sites (see the pic below). It looks to be pretty amazing. I am not sure what internet access will be like, so I may not be blogging every day, but stay tuned.