Dipping a toe into Marrakech


Yesterday I spent a day with my lovely host Jai, hanging out in the Jardin Majorelle (where he and his partner live), then walking around a bit to the Maroc Telecom office where we had a experience that reminded me of India. We duly took our ticket and waited an hour to see someone, who told us to go wait in another line. Then after another 30 minutes waiting in that line, the guy told us that we were completely at the wrong office for what we wanted, and to go to the market across the street to a phone vendor there. After that, we walked to the Medina, starting at the Jemaa el-Fnaa, a vast chaotic square with all manner of people performing and selling things and giving off all kinds of smells. Jai and I had dinner plans with two of his friends on the other size of the Medina, and we made our way through the crazy maze of streets that was not unlike the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul that I visited last fall. Jai has lived here for some time, and even he got lost a bit on our way over. I could see how this place could be a little scary for someone with a claustrophobic streak, but it is a fascinating labyrinth of activity.