I could live here


Amsterdam has always been one of my favorite cities, not just for the beautiful architecture, but also for the easy going people. I have been really fortunate while here to be staying with my friend Xavier, who has been an amazing host and who has such wonderful friends. I haven’t gone out this much in quite a while, but that is what vacations are about, right? Last night we went for truly delicious Indonesian food (they used to be a Dutch colony, so it is everywhere here) and got caught up with my old friend Stijn and his lovely girlfriend, then bid them goodbye and headed out to some dance club called Spellbound. The music wasn’t that great, but the crowd and group we were with were a lot of fun, and we stayed out until 4am. I am a little slow going today as a result, but not too worse for the wear. We have been taking it easy,  biking around the city and hanging out.