Jack is a dull boy.


To say I have been busy the last couple weeks would be a gross understatement. I have worked (and billed, thankfully) more hours in the past month than any single month in my entire freelancing career. Which means of course that the blog suffers from neglect. Part of the reason I am working so furiously is just the lucky coincidence of so many projects, and part of it is my impending vacation to Morocco in less than two weeks. I am trying to get all major work accomplished before then so that I can really enjoy my time away. It is true what they say about Jack, however, and I need to really make myself get out of the house more. With all the work I have been pretty closed up in my apartment for days on end, only venturing out here and there, or to the basement of my building occasionally to hit the gym or do laundry. I am lucky that the work itself has been quite interesting and I have learned a lot of new design and programming tricks in the past few months. The blog should kick into high gear when I am travelling in a few weeks (as it always does), stay tuned.