Et tu, Sabrina?


A few months ago, I wrote about some thoughtless woman on the internet who shared my first initial and last name and who keeps putting MY email address into whatever crap spam site she signs up for and does not want to receive email from. Now, some awful woman in some German-speaking country (who goes by the name Sabrina Suess) has begun to do the same and I am being bombarded with German spam. While I don’t get most of what is being sold, the word “JETZT!” I do understand and it figures prominently in all of it. Being of Jewish descent, you can understand why I don’t like orders being barked at me in German. This is clearly a problem the designers of email never anticipated. I guess the safest thing to do is change my name to something no one would ever think to use, like “”. Of course that makes it difficult for legitimate people to reach me. If I didn’t have such a long history with this particular email address, it would not be a big deal, I have plenty of other domains that no one would likely guess, and I suppose eventually I will just have to suck it up and move all email there…