That time again


The last fews days have been rather frustrating on both the work and personal fronts, alas. Maybe it is the winter blahs. Fortunately, I am already putting in place my favorite remedy: planning my next trip. This time, I am going to Morocco. I have always wanted to go but for whatever reason, other places always came first. In a strange way, I guess I owe my decision to finally go on this trip to the French army’s recent invasion of Mali, followed by the hostage-taking in Algeria. It really made me think about the changing nature of North Africa, and that if I wanted to go to Morocco, I should probably do it before the prevailing cultural winds make it impossible for someone like me (you know, Gay-American-Communist-Jewish-Atheist, or however I am viewed) to consider doing so safely. Plus I have friends in Marrakech who invited me on a fascinating trek with them through some Berber villages in the mountains. Then I convinced my wonderful friend Marites to come meet me afterwards for a two week trip around the country. We have yet to figure out exactly where we will go, but I imagine it will include Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, and several small places in between. Maybe we will even venture into the Western Sahara, who knows. In any event, I just booked my flight the other day, and as fate would have it, one of the cheaper itineraries took me through Amsterdam going (where I will spend 4 days with friends) and Madrid coming back (where I will spend 2 or 3 days). So all in all, it should be an awesome trip. Stay tuned for more deets.